Monday, 23 April 2007

A little worn around the edges

I haven't updated here for a while as I haven't had any thrilling musical outpourings to share.Things are currently quiet as far as gigs go and impressive new albums have been scarce.(By new I mean new additions to my collection as opposed to just released albums).

My view on Bright Eyes 'Cassadaga'is a lacklustre one really.I had high expectations despite the slight dissapointment of the 'Four Winds' EP but sadly it hasn't delivered.I want to return and give it another chance but am afraid I'll think even less if I do so.It's sad as alt-country is my thing and I've been a Bright Eyes appreciator for many a year so I really didn't see this coming,which leaves me somewhat creastfallen.It's only music I hear you say,well,if that is your opinion I'm afraid you're perusing the wrong blog entirely.I want to feel umbilicaly connected to music,and the right songs and artists create that type of connection,for me Bright Eyes previous albums have hit me like a train,whereas 'Cassadaga'came in,politely introduced itself and then faded into the background.My main criticism would be that it all seems rather abstract and I miss the guts being exposed,confessional lyrics of old.Oh well,I shall dust myself off and get back out there,as music is something I just cannot give up on,no matter how many times it fails me.There is still the new Ryan Adams record to anticipate after all,not to mention the suitably random album going by the name of 'Icky Thump'.

Perhaps as a result of recent letdowns I've been investigating some artists from my musical past,namely Ash,a band I was fond of 'back in the day'but haven't dedicated much time to of late.I'd forgotten/repressed how many truly great songs they had,'A Life Less Ordinary'will always be my particular favourite.I've heard a couple of songs from their forthcoming album too and they sound like the Ash of old,so I may well invest in the record.There's always hope then I suppose,and the new Manics stuff is sounding pretty damn good,a huge surprise as far as I'm concerned.

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