Tuesday, 24 April 2007

My Augustine / I have given up

Well,who else could my latest post be about?News is rocketing around the internet about Patrick Wolf quiting music,and I'm sad to say that it has all come from the man himself.I love Patrick,I fell under his spell quickly and utterly when I heard 'Wind in the Wires' a few years ago and promptly booked tickets to one of his gigs,a gig which is up there amongst the greatest I've attended,and there have been a fair few.

I saw him live again a few months ago and things seemed to have changed substantially,suddenly he was dressed up like a pop star,playing less instruments and all before a crowd devoid of enthusiasm.Still I fell rather heavily for 'The Magic Position'after a little perseverance,all of which amounts to a feeling of loss after reading his au revoir letter this morning.It's been a while since a band I love have split so such feelings make me feel like a teenager,you never really expect solo artists to 'split' on you though,they seem like a safer bet,especially if they're at the peak of their success and talent,although that is probably a huge contributing factor I guess.

I don't have anything new to add to this debate but I just wanted to launch my thoughts into cyber space.I love Patrick's songs and it's a great shame if industry bullshit and speculation has lead to him retreating from music entirely,as more visionaries of this type are badly needed.


David said...

What is your favorite Ryan Adams song btw?

Sentimental Geek said...

Thank you for the comment,I only just discovered it!It's a very difficult question to answer but my favourite song is probably 'Dear Anne'.Other close contenders are:She Wants to Play Hearts and Strawberry Wine.What is yours?