Sunday, 1 July 2007

Oh My God,Whatever,Etc

It may seem,to anyone who has noticed that I've been somewhat quiet considering 'Easy Tiger'was released this week.Well,that's not because I dislike the album or any such nonsense,more that I've been trying to decide precisely what to say about it.Of course I rushed out in the rain on Monday to buy it and decided on the slipcase HMV version because well,I fell for the gimmick of it I suppose.I listened to it as soon as I got home and it felt a little odd as besides the UK bonus track 'Nobody Listens to Silence',I'd heard all of the songs already,(I hadn't heard 'These Girls'or the new 'Off Broadway'but neither really counts as 'new')and as one who tends to avoid internet 'leaks'as much as possible that felt odd.

I've since listened subsequent times and with each listen have discovered a lyric,a sound or a little sigh I like,I enjoy noticing these nuances that bring me back for more.I must say too that I've found much that is worth returning to 'The Sun Also Sets'blew me away the first time I heard it on a bootleg and the recorded version is fifty times more powerful,the lyrics are ferociously good and the way Ryan sings "next time,next time,oh be sure"shakes me every time.I also love 'I Taught Myself How to Grow Old'.his voice sounds so angelic and wonderful.Yes,it seems that once again I am drawn to the songs most heavily seeped in sadness,that's what appeals to me I guess,and probably explains why I'm a Ryan fan.I'd been adoring 'Goodnight Rose'for months and the recorded version does not dissapoint,in fact it emmulates my favourite live version(one without all the muso type stuff).Also,unlike most other people I've seen discussing it,I absolutely love 'Halloween Head'.I wasn't very keen from the early live versions but I love the recording,and the lightness of it shakes things up a bit.

So,there it is.Predictably the mighty tiger has eclipsed dear Jesse Malin for the album of the year(so far at least).It's a really subtle record and very consistent,it flows easily and even less memorable songs like 'Rip Off'have their moments.I prefer the 'Suicide Handbook'version of 'Off Broadway',although it's namely the drums that spoil the new one for me.It's the same with 'These Girls' vs.'Hey There Mrs Lovely'really,although I love the line "one christmas I got a funeral and they handed me the receipt".

While I'm writing a post dedicated to everything Cardinal I may as well mention that I greatly enjoyed the interview on Bob Harris Country this week too.It's so amusing to listen to interviews with Ryan cos you hear people laughing along in that bemused way that suggests they're not entirely sure if he's joking.And when you hear him begin an interview on a country specific show by saying "I always hated country music but being from North Carolina I could just play it"you know it's going to be a classic.

Right,fan geeking over(for now at least!).I'm planning to do some posts about some albums that are important to me in the coming weeks to break up the "stuff I'm liking at the moment"type posts.


Jennifer said...

Nice review! I'm finding Easy Tiger to be an album of subtleties as well. It's the little things on this one that make the songs emerge. Repeated listenings are definitely a must if you want to catch all the beauty on this record.

Elvina said...

Well written article.