Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The scales always find a way to level out

Firstly I have to say that being an obsessive music fan isn't as easy as the casual fan might be led to believe.Because just as there is always the chance that something new or previously undiscovered/unnoticed song or album might be unearthed and enhance your existence,there is also the threat that something previously amazing and untainted,might suddenly become humdrum without a second of warning.This may be coming across as wholeheartedly melodramatic,perhaps even trivial.If that's the case it's probably better you find your way to another blog entirely,you see this one isn't about discussing the world and its many conflicts,its much more micro than that,and it concerns itself only with my various rantings and ravings about music.

Anyway,the artist the above paragraph most relates to at the moment is Bright Eyes.As previously mentioned I've been struggling,nay wrestling with 'Cassadaga'since its release,and this week came to the conclusion that I could do no more.I resigned myself to not liking the album and managed to accept that it isn't my fault,sometimes these things just don't work out.However,I still felt a trickle of glee at the thought of seeing Bright Eyes live and hoped the most recent songs would fully come to life live.Alas,that was not to be and so another,slightly less crushing blow was dealt.The gig was at a rather large venue and indeed my least favourite local venue.I struggled to see easily despite changing location several times,and eventually chose to stand fairly near the stage with an awkward side view some of the time.The gig lacked the spark of previous Bright Eyes gigs and the only real moment of connection I felt was during 'The Calendar Hung Itself',one of my very favourite Bright Eyes song.Even one of my favourites from 'I'm Wide Awake...'and the only song from that album not featured last time I saw them('First Day of My Life'for fact fans)rang hollow in its new,speedier version.I spent the majority of the gig feeling frustrated and aching(both physically and metaphorically).

So there we are,another perfect relationship in shreds.I know it seems unreasonable,idealistic and all the rest of it to expect your favourite artists to keep you happy,but such is the euphoria when you first discover them that you feel confident they could never disappoint you,until one day the manage to easily when you're not expecting anything.

It's a shame that this post is so heavy with its own woes,but after endless posts detailing my love and excitement concerning various artists,I guess the balance needed to be addressed.Don't worry about my negativity though,the next post will be about a life changing album.At the risk of repeating myself I will say that the life of any hardened music fan is always swinging from disappointment to hysteria,the risks have to be taken I suppose.

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