Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I would be sad

No matter how low my spirits might plummet there is always something good just around the corner to pick me up again,musically speaking at least.My latest love and probably soon to be a passion leading me to rant on about them uncontrollably,is the Avett Brothers.I heard snippets from 'Emotionalism'recently and fell under the spell,leading me to buy the album speedily.It is gorgeous and sure to be right up there in the albums of the year(yes,that rears its head yet again,what can I say?I love list making and music geekery fits snuggly alongside it wouldn't you say?)The style,for the uninitiated is bluegrass meets alt-country with heart tuggingly well observed lyrics.There are more upbeat moments too to balance out the touching heartache of the rest.Unmissable for those who like their heartbreak well articulated.

So,'Icky Thump'.I haven't fully digested it yet but my response after one listen is that's it is a solid beast of an album.My worries were quickly cast aside as 'You Don't Know What Love Is(You Just Do As You're Told)'burst through the headphones.It's a fantastic blend of rock and country and my favourite song on the album so far.Generally it's a vastly consistent record though and I am suitably pleased.For once this year my fears were not realised,but I'm sure my fellow music obsessives can relate to my skepticism,2007 has been a lacklustre year for albums when it should have been brilliant.

I've also been indulging in a little Amy Winehouse recently.I really didn't like her previously and absolutely detest 'Rehab'but I thought I'd give her a shot after I heard 'Back to Black'on the radio and it sounded much better.In an odd twist I fate I also saw her the street in Camden last week which was suitably random!I've been listening to a few songs and do quite like them.I don't think I'll ever be a 'fan'as such but I can see what the appeal is more so now I think.

Last night I went to se Charlotte Hatherley performing her first ever acoustic show.I was never her biggest fan when she was in Ash,having assumed she was responsible for their weaker offerings.That said I wanted to give her the opportunity to impress solo and she certainly did.I generally prefer her debut album to 'The Deep Blue'as I love the unabashed pop of songs like 'Summer' and 'Kim Wilde'.All of the songs sounded great live though and she did some interesting covers like Kim Wilde's 'Kids in America' and The Beatles 'I Want You'.So overall a suitably pleasing event.I love live music for its spontenaity,you can go and see a band you love dearly and be dissapointed or see someone you have little expectation of and be massively impressed.

So that's about all for this dose of musical morsels,but thank you for visiting and feel free as a bird to leave comments or suggestions!


Clark said...

Cuh! Not a fan of "Rehab" - that's a fantastic slice of old-skool, brassy R&B. I think you should give it another listen ;)

Sentimental Geek said...

I didn't know you like the Winehouse.Yeah,maybe I will give it another chance,it didn't sound as bad on the Glasto performance.