Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Does he cry through broken sentences like "I love you far too much"?

Apologies for my recent lack of writing,to be entirely honest I've been far too preoccupied to discuss music lately as for the most part I've been consumed by Harry Potter,what with 'The Deathly Hallows' and 'The Order of the Phoenix'.Well I did my part with the midnight queuing and was rewarded with a pristine copy for only £5.I won't share my views on Harry Potter here as it's not the place but suffice to say that I enjoyed every minute of it and cried lots.My reading since have been a lacklustre experience in comparison.My current read is my initiation into the 33 and a third series on classic albums,my first choice is Colin Meloy's book on The Replacements 'Let it Be'.It reads more like a memoir than a book about the Replacements,and as a bona fide fan of The Decemberists it's nice to read about Meloy's formative years.

In musical news I am honoured to announce I will be seeing a certain Ryan Adams again in a matter of months in what looks like a beautiful venue in Cardiff.I feel beyond lucky,and can only assume the two tours this year are my cosmic payload for the shitty reasons behind missing last year's solo tour.(There was a hospital stay and much trauma and general devestation,both from being ill and missing Ryan).I will also be seeing Rilo Kiley next month,which I am looking forward to despite the godawfulness that is 'The Moneymaker'.A funk-style song leads to just one question:"WHY?"

In another attempt at discourse on my most treasured albums I bring Bright Eyes 'Fevers and Mirrors'to the table.After listening to it whilst travelling through some of the Midlands less desirable spots yesterday I was overwhelmed by how fucking much I love this album.Not a new revelation of course but one it's worth remembering despite,or maybe because of my recent Conor bashing on this blog.Songs like 'The Calendar Hung Itself' and 'Haligh,Haligh,A Lie,A Lie'never fail to move me.I love the desperate emotion in lines like "she had eyes bright enough to burn me,they reminded me of yours" and "I was determined in Chicago but I dug my teeth into my knees".As for 'Haligh...'that has the honour of being the first song I added to my favourites on the arrival of my MP3 player and it's still there.Every line is exquisite,where has that attention to detail when discussing despair dissappeared to?So it was nice to be reminded of the awe I experienced when first listening to Bright Eyes is still there.I then listened to 'Letting off the Happiness' and Read Music,Speak Spanish',the latter being an album I need to be in a certain kind of mood for but completely adore.

So all in all a time for revisiting and rediscovering old favourites rather than new ones,but that's certainly cheaper for me anyway.I am also playing 'Born to Run'religiously,and must say that it's a perfect soundtrack for washing up.The soundtrack for reading 'The Deathly Hallows'consisted of much Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams and a healthy side order of Harry and the Potters.How awesome is it that Harry Potter has inspired so many bands?I mean come on,'Voldermort Can't Stop the Rock'?There are no words to desribe that level of greatness,wizard rock rules.

And on that note,my geekiness fully exposed I will depart and return soon with word of my latest fixations.


Grace said...

sorry to be completely unrelated, just wanted to let you know I tagged you in case you fancy doing a meme post, since I stole that other one from you! That one was more fun though!

Lady said...

Do you listen to music when reading? I think I'm totally weird as I never listen to music except when I'm just concentrating on the music and when I'm on the computer. I can't concentrate at all otherwise, I don't usually even listen to it when writing letters :s

Ahh I love 'Born To Run', it's such a head rush! I haven't indulged in any of this proper wizard rock yet though.

Tom said...

I have been meaning to comment on here for a while but haven't been bothered to motivate myself. Your musical commentary is lovely and I always enjoy reading new entries. The recent posts describing your most 'influential albums' have been especially enjoyable, largely because I also think highly of both albums mentioned thus far.

Fevers & Mirrors is a winter album. I used to listen to the album on repeat most nights whilst sitting on the bus travelling down Oxford Road in Manchester. To look out at all the people from the top deck of a bus, all wrapped up in their winter clothes outside, made me feel unreal or imaginary. It’s a ghostly album and somehow enhanced the feeling of loneliness in a city where people always surrounded me. 'Something Vague' is one of my favourite tracks. Lyrically exquisite.

I also remember the early days of The Libertines and although I was only in Sixth Form when Up The Bracket was released, I was heavily inspired by the Pete-Carl connection. 'Time For Heroes’ set to the beat of my feet dragging my body up the school drive would set me up for anything during a typical school day. The album expels a certain 'Fuck 'Em' attitude that puts me in a better mood to ignore dull people.

That is that. You probably think I am silly. I'm going seeing Rilo Kiley on Tuesday. Woo!