Saturday, 17 March 2007

It's only the future that didn't last

Last night I went to see Idlewild for the eighth(!)time,so you could say I'm a long time fan of theirs.They're a band I can return to again and again and I've always enjoyed seeing them live.Each time there are a collection of memories flooding my brain and I liked thinking about the different phases of my life they've provided the soundtrack to.So last night I left the cold air of the city to enter a familiar venue where I'd seen the band twice before.I found a good spot near the front,sadly situated in direct proximity to a rather ridiculous man who stumbled into me countless times and a rather large person with hygiene issues,but seeing the stage was the most important thing.

Idlewild played a mixed set,but after seeing them on so many occassions previously I was hoping to here the majority of the latest album 'Make Another World', yet they chose a greatest hits set instead and played only five from their latest outing,and neither of their favourites.Of course I love their older songs too but these were very safe choices and all singles besides two exceptions.So I spent the gig thinking that Idlewild and many of their fans might be trapped in nostalgia,particularly as the reaction to tracks from the latest album seemed decidedly lukewarm.

So I left with a slightly heavy heart as I acknowledged that this gig wouldn't go into my Idlewild hall of fame,and would instead join their other dissapointing gig from 2002.I think I differ from the majority of gig-goers in that I usually hope to hear the latest songs as opposed to clamoring for the oldies,I guess that's because if I wanted to hear lots of old songs I'd go and see a band who only had hits a million years ago so subsequently only play their 'hits' at gigs.

This is not my most eloquent post so far,probably due to being a bit cranky at the moment after reviewing a rather appalling CD by a rather awful band called X is Loaded.I urge you to investigate them under no circumstances,well,unless you desire to punish your ears for some heinous crime they've committed.

Next up will be a post of recently acquired music,most of which was the product of a lucrative trip to a rather wonderful shop called Fopp this afternoon.

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