Sunday, 18 March 2007

My musical current

Although it's true that downloading is killing music in terms of destroying it as something substantial you can hold in your hands,the odd bit of web based perusal can benefit types like myself with an insatiable appetite for new music.It is such random stumblings which lead to my discovery of a delightful band called Bishop Allen,a band who have released an EP for each month of the year.Their music is twee indie type stuff,pretty songs with lush harmonies and loveable lyrics.For your aural delight and because I believe bribery works in gaining popularity I have uploaded this gem:

Click Click Click Click

(That will be active for 7 days or 100 downloads so act fast!Obviously it's unlikely 100 downloads will be reached but still...after my endorsement who could resist taking a sneaky peek?)

Of course I gain most of my enjoyment from actual purchases,such as yesterdays aforementioned to Fopp.I bought the debut album from Uncle Topelo,a seminal factor in the development of the alt-country scene,and after disbanding one of the members formed the mighty Wilco,all of which(along with the bargain price of a fiver for 19 songs)informed my decision to purchase the album.On listening I was quickly pleased with my choice and the songs,in particular the title track are easy to like.Oh Fopp,you lighten my wallet but fuel my musical heart.

Expect more discussion of Fopp purchases shortly,I have yet to digest all of my new albums!

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Ali said...

Hiya : )
Intresting - I rather liked it - although not really what I'd listen to. Thanks for the introduction though : )