Thursday, 15 March 2007


I may be alone in this(but thanks to the internet that is rarely the case,there's always someone to share the most obscure of viewpoints isn't there?)but I think the greatest albums are the ones that break your heart over and over and each time you thank them for the privilige.This thought occurred to me yesterday as I was listening to the rather aptly titled 'Heartbreaker'.Albums such as that are timeless for me as I return to them repeatedly and regardless of the situation or my state of mind at the time I feel moved by the experience.

Getting so connected to music may be unhealthy and illogical when you consider it is mass-produced and not just intended for your ears at all,and yet that's the beauty of music,each listener reacts and connects to what they're hearing differently.I'm the kind of listener who reacts emotionally and for me lyrics are the deal breaker each time I hear a song.If it has something to say and is expressing that sentiment well,be it poetically,bluntly or angrily,then chances are I will enjoy it.What I loathe are trite,bland attempts at expression and such attempts make me furious.During the time I've spent writing music reviews I've been sent a lot of this kind of stuff,far more than one person should be expected to tolerate quite frankly.Each time the artist was treated to a verbal critque from me and comparisons to the likes of James Morrison and James Blunt.It's hugely unfortunate that despite there being hundreds,probably thousands of heartbreaking and breathtakingly talented solo artists out there it is usually just the horribly mediocre ones that are championed and taken to the hearts of the masses.It's enough to keep me awake at night really.Still,that's the naive aim of my blog,to write about music that means something to me and moves me.

Perhaps I will do a series of posts about albums I hold dear which fall into the "left my heart feeling bruised"category,and I might upload some particularly touching songs to go with it.Another facet to this blog will be posting themed mix CDs I've made,and whilst they're on the agenda,there's a great site here:
for any fellow mix CD fans.
That's all from me this time as my head is filled with aspirations for this modest blog and I need to organise them all!


Grace said...

Looks like its going well so far =) I haven't heard that album but I think I get what you mean about albums that break your heart! I hope you enjoy blogging! Take care x x x

Sentimental Geek said...

Thanks for your comment,you have the honour of being the very first person to leave a comment here too :)I love writing this blog so far,any excuse to indulge my geekiness I suppose!