Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Spread our ashes round the yard

I feel a little irrate right now as already I have discovered the potential peril lurking beyond my dissmissive attitude towards the 'save as draft'option.I just wrote a post and then entered an imcompatible character in the tag,meaning the post is unpublished and lost.It wasn't particularly impressive but I'm annoyed that it didn't save as I can't write exactly the same things from memory and now the ideas seem contrived as opposed to spontaneous thoughts.

I'm currently listening to The Replacements,and as ever once I've discovered someone new I curse myself severly for not paying more attention previously.All I can say is thank you Jesse Malin for introducing me to them.Not only do you produce outstanding music of your own but you are also a huge music fan.I loved hearing his description of 'Broken Radio'at the gig I attended a few months ago,"It's about when music was a way of life",I found that profound and something I could relate to wholeheartedly.It's no joke to say I don't know where I would be without my music.

Thinking along those lines lead me to contemplate songs I feel moved by every time I hear them.As a rather sensitive type who always listens to emotionally wraught music it's not surprising there are an army of examples behind me,I thought I'd just share a few of them.The song I was listening to earlier on as I considered this theme was 'That I Would Be Good'by Alanis Morissette.She is someone I have been a fan of for a long time and retain a lot of appreciation for.I've never understood why she is dismissed as something of a joke.'That I Would Be Good' and 'The Couch'which follows it are both such fragile and stirring songs that I can never listen to either without feeling moved.I love the music I listened to to expose raw emotions and that's exactly what they achieve.I CARE about the sentiments being expressed because they are so genuine,unlike many overly earnest singer songwriters.

Another song which abandons me on the edge of tears after each listen is 'Naked As We Came' by Iron &Wine.I would reproduce the lyrics if I didn't think that might leave me in some kind of trouble,but needless to say those three or four minutes have moved me more than any poem I have ever read.Put simply it is one of the most poetic and affecting songs about death I have so far encountered.

This theme is one I plan to return to,but for now I want to make sure I can actually 'publish'this without losing it again!


lism. said...

Argh! There's nothing worse than losing a clever post it's taken you ages to work on. I don't even trust the save as draft option, I write all of my posts in notepad and then copy and paste.

Sentimental Geek said...

That's a good idea,online technology is not to be trusted!